Attic Radiant Heat Guard

   See What the US department of Energy says, . Air Conditioning an oven? That makes no sense or cents. It is a dumb idea that cost you money every month. That is what you are doing if your ac ducts are in your attic and you don't have a radiant heat guard installed on your attic roof. In the Deep south attics can reach 145 degrees and more.  Typically attic temps are 40 degrees higher than the outside air unless you have a Reflective radiant heat insulator installed on your attic ceiling . this Insulator prevents the radiant heat from entering your attic space, where your ac ducts are.. Insulation in the floor of the attic helps keep heat and cold in your home. but doesnt help with the temperature your ac system is in. Cool your attic space and save money on costly power bills. B.  Clients see a 100% return on investment in 2 short years on the savings from thier power bill alone. And that is not considering increasing the lifespan of your hvac system. 
     Would you blow chilled air through a oven and expect to have the same temp on the other side? think about that, then pop your head in your attic and look at your ducts. That is exactly what is happening. You have to stop the heat from getting into the attic. Turn the oven off with Air Hero Pros's attic heat gaurd installation.
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