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How often should we have our hvac cleaned?

NADCA recommends every two years. Commercial properties are to be
cleaned annually.

How can you tell if your HVAC system is contaminated?

Any particulate discharge that is visible will indicate contamination Have a licensed hvac
restoration company perform an inspection,

Is mold dangerous?

Mold is a fungus that produces myotoxins that can be potentially be very dangerous.

What causes mold?

A present food source which can be dust in your hvac system and 48 to 72 hours of
constant moisture.

Will cleaning my hvac cause any damage to our duct work?

We are professionally trained and regulated by NADCA. We use best practices and
procedures that prevent any damage to your system. Not properly cleaning and servicing
your hvac system can and often does damage the hvac system.

Is there a warranty ?

Yes, one year parts and labor on all services and parts. Our Atiic

How long will a full diffuser bottle last in a whole home scent diffuser?

Months or with lite continuous scenting close to a year

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